Astbss is free Open Source Software Licensed under GPL and maintained and developed by a community

Telecom Asterisk Billing and Business Support System

User-friendly Administrator Web interface gives access to a range of functionality:

  • Show Balance, Expenditure, Payments and number of Calls on each account
  • Call Data Records including income and cost on each call
  • Price Plan Module. Allows you to create Flexible Price Plans in any Currency
  • For each Price Plan define Currency, Billing Increment, mark-up and connection charges
  • Server Status (Displays live status of users phones and ongoing calls)
  • Show Peers. List of the last clients (SIP and IAX2) that have connected to the Asterisk server
  • Audit Trail. Show IP, Port and UserAgent for each call
  • Manage your Incoming Public Numbers including Time based forwarding
  • Manage Trunks and Trunk Routes. You can use unlimited ZAP, IAX and SIP trunks
  • Time Based Trunk Dialing. Each trunk can have his own time based dialplan
  • Temporary Disable Outgoing Trunks
  • Trunks can be rated after cost. Allow for cost based Dialing
  • Define maximum concurrent outgoing calls on each trunk
  • If lowest cost trunk is fully used (busy) the system will choose the next available trunk
  • Define unlimited outgoing routes and link them to your Trunks
  • Store cost of your outgoing route for each trunk for efficient cost control
  • All outgoing routes are stored independent on the client price list
  • Define customer price lists for each Price Plan and Currency
  • Billing Routing and Management software for Asterisk and VOIP
  • Advanced customer management and portal management
  • Integrated E-commerce module and web shop is available under GPL
  • Define list of CPE Customer Premises Equipment commonly used
  • Full Hardware Inventory. Store mac address and serial numbers of clients CPE
  • View and Store Customers payments
  • Asterisk Billing and Management
  • Manage Pre Paid and Post Paid customers. Full Credit control by User Account and Billing Account
  • View important Server logs from web interface
  • Define maximum concurrent calls on each Client Account

AstBSS is a very efficient as a platform for small VOIP providers and SMB businesses. AstBSS is used by many small businesses and is the calling platform for several Asterisk call termination services. It is also an exelent learning platform for VOIP.

AstBSS Requirements:

  • Asterisk - Version 1.4 AstBSS are using MySQL and Asterisk REALTIME features
  • MySQL - Version 5 AstBSS is using Views and Stored Procedures
  • Apache - Version 2
  • PHP - Version 5